Elk Peaks News, 2020.04.01

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Elk Peaks Consulting Group News | 2020.04.01

April 1st is the first day of the new landscape maintenance season for our Associations.  In case you are wondering, yes, our landscape contractors are considered essential businesses and will be on the job throughout the COVID-19 restrictions and, of course, beyond.

Nevertheless, our landscape contractors are very concerned about the health, well-being and safety of their employees and all of our Association Members.  These contractors have implemented strategies and programs to minimize the risk (and hopefully eliminate) the chance that one of their employees or our members will contract the COVID-19 virus.

I know that it is tempting, especially if you are suffering from “cabin fever,” to go outside and chat with the landscaping staff about anything from the weather to something that you’ve noticed about the landscaping which you would like for them to change or correct.  Please practice social distancing at all times.

If you have concerns regarding landscape care, please call the Association Office at 970.285.7482 and share your concerns.  We always welcome your input and will do our best to address any landscape concerns that you have.

In related news, unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis isn’t expected to end anytime soon which means that it most likely will still be an issue in late May when it is time to do spring start up for your evaporative cooler, if your home is cooled by an evaporative cooler.  If the Association completes the cooler start up for you, please check this site for updates that may occur on how and when we complete the cooler start up.