Valley View

Valley View Village

Valley View Village, a 109 unit property located in Battlement Mesa, is part of the Battlement Mesa Planned Unit Development (PUD) and, of course, is a covenant protected community.

Valley View is a planned community consisting of 43 single-family homes, 50 townhomes and 18 condominiums.  The Village is a family, children and pet friendly community with  awesome views of the areas mountains and valley.  Valley View is the only Village in Battlement Mesa, Colorado that has its own park and playground equipment.  The Village is 100% developed with no undeveloped lots. [clear}


Valley View Village Homeowners Association’s single family homes include both single and two story designs, 2 car garages, 3 or 4 bedroom , 2 bath homes with vaulted ceilings, patios and covered porches.  For those seeking a townhome or a condo, Valley View Village offers 50 townhomes and 18 condos to choose from.  Although they all share the Valley View Village name, all three Association’s have their own three-member board of directors, bylaws, covenants, budget, reserve funds and financial statements and are three individual homeowners associations.

Village Delegate/BMSA Board Member: Penny Roehm, (Term Ends, December 2021)