Rio Grande Water Company

Rio Grande Water Company Serving South Fork, Colorado

South Fork Ranches owns and operates the Rio Grande Water Company which was formed in September 2010 and provides water and water availability to all residents within the South Fork Ranches Homeowners Association.

Board of Directors:

  • Dan Hicks, President
  • Randy Phillips
  • Peter Jolivet
  • Larry Martin


  • Open, Manager ~ 719.850.8966
  • Mary Grace Garcia, Administrator ~ 719.873.9710
  • Woody Wilson, Field Operations ~ 719.850.0743
  • Mary Grace Garcia | Experiential Enterprises ~ Water Operator

Contact Us:

  • Office: 719.873.9710
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: P O Box 161, South Fork, CO 81154
  • Physical Address: 23 Buck Street, South Fork, CO

Additional information:

Note: The Rio Grande Water Company does not provide water delivery or bulk water sales.