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If you’ve lived in a homeowners association for a few years you might have said, “Homeowners Associations: You gotta either love’em or hate’em and it can switch from one extreme to the opposite extreme so fast that it can just make you dizzy.”  Well, I’m here to argue that it really doesn’t have to be that way.  Further, it shouldn’t be.  

Many of us have chosen to live in a HOA community because they have regulations that help protect individual rights, property rights and property values.  Unfortunately, those same regulations – if abused – can and do make it difficult to live in an HOA.  

Over the course of the last decade several Colorado laws have been enacted in an effort to correct the abusive, unjust, and secretive practices of HOAs.  Nevertheless, laws can only do so much.  So, what can you do?

We believe that the key to a wonderful homeowners association living experience is about balance: The balance between individual rights and community rights.  

A wise Association Manager will help the board understand the Association’s needs and to establish effective management and financial strategies to meet these needs fairly, equitably and with as much transparency as possible. Discerning managers build trust, effective communication and full transparency throughout the Association.  

Finding the right balance is never easy but a well managed association with a well supported board of directors will enable associations to not only find the right balance, but to maintain the right balance.

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The Right Balance

Call Us: We can help your association “find the right” balance!  We’d welcome the opportunity to add your association to our list of managed associations.