Our Philosophy

Elk Peaks Consulting Group, Ltd.
Our Philosophy

Serving Western Colorado from Denver to Utah and from the I-70 corridor to New Mexico and the Communities along the Colorado Front Range.

“Rest assured that Elk Peaks Consulting Group, Ltd. recognizes that controlling costs, while providing needed services, establishing effective communication and reducing the time commitment required of the Board of Directors are fundamental goals of the majority of Homeowners Associations and HOA Boards. 

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Finding the right Balance

It is our belief that “life is about balance: the challenge of finding the right balance” and that is absolutely true with every homeowners association.  Our goal is to strike a sensible balance between providing needed and beneficial services to the association and its members while assuring that the cost of providing these services are affordable to all Members.

Our task is to fully understand the Association’s needs and to establish effective strategies to meet these needs fairly, equitably and with as much transparency as possible.  In short, our goal is to build a strong working relationship built on trust, effective communication, strong financial management and full transparency.”  Keith Lammey, President, Elk Peaks Consulting Group, Ltd.

 We would welcome an opportunity to provide your association’s management needs.  

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