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Our Services

Our Management Services include the three Key HOA Management criteria:
Administrative ~ Financial ~ Physical

Every Association’s needs are different; however, we believe that the primary goal of every Association is to understand the needs of the Members and to develop and implement strategies to meet these needs fairly, equitably and with as much transparency as possible while striking the proper balance between providing needed and beneficial services at a cost that is affordable for all Members.

rubiks-cube-157058_960_720It sounds easy!  Unfortunately, for most Associations and their Board of Directors organizing all of the Association’s puzzle pieces often is a complex and painstaking task.  Some Associations need more help than others so we can tailor our services to provide “just the right amount” of assistance.    

The three key pieces of every Association’s puzzle are: Administrative, Financial and Physical Management.

Administrative Management

200px-ALBW_TriforceWe believe that “you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know about it” thus the key element of good administrative management is communication.  Webster defines Communication as “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.”  We can help you create and maintain effective communication channels between a) Members, b) Board Members and c) Vendors.  Effective communication will always be the center piece in the three-part triangle and will hold the entire large triangle together.  Without it ~ the center communication triangle ~ the other three smaller triangles cannot join together for the benefit of all.

The key element of effective communication is the free flow of accurate and robust information and that can be achieved by:

Building an information network

  • Fostering strong participation in board meeting and member meetings
  • Providing clear and thorough board packets for Board Members
  • Structured and professional meeting environments that allow and encourage open and respectful discussion among all participants
  • Accurate and detailed accounting records and reports
  • Timely responses to Member, Board Member and Vendor inquiries
  • Robust website containing key past, present and forward looking information including association CC&R’s, agenda, minutes, financial reports, CCIOA disclosures and other useful association records

Financial Management

Like information is the key element in communication, fiscal management is the key element in the viability and longevity of all associations.  

We can provide all of the financial tools that you need in your toolbox to assure financial health.  We will gather then assemble information in an easily understandable manner.  You will be provided with detailed monthly financial reports, monthly and annual budgets, revenue and expense reports, accounts receivable and accounts payable reports.  We’ll track revenues and expenses compared to budget and explain variances from budget.  And we will assure that Members have appropriate access to reports which show where their HOA dollar is spent.

You’ll never face a special assessment under our watch!

Physical Management

Appearance isn’t everything but it almost is when it comes to a homeowners association.  Prospective buyers are attracted to well maintained homeowner associations.  All residents of an HOA considered appearance when they purchased their property and the buyer that buys their home when they are ready to sell and move will also be heavily influenced by appearance.

Unfortunately   HOA’s don’t have unlimited budgets so our goal is to strike a sensible balance between providing needed and beneficial maintenance services to the association and its members while assuring that the cost of providing these services is affordable to all Members.  In order to achieve this we’ll focus on preventative maintenance, employ prudent bidding and contractor vetting, seek the most cost effective solutions available and adhere to the best management practices.

Our task is to fully understand the Association’s needs and to establish effective strategies to meet these needs fairly, equitably and with as much transparency as possible.  In short, our goal is to build a strong working relationship built on trust, effective communication, strong financial management and full transparency.”  Keith Lammey, President, Elk Peaks Consulting Group, Ltd.

We would welcome an opportunity to provide your association’s management needs!

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