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Serving Western Colorado from Denver to Utah and from the I-70 corridor to New Mexico and the communities along the Colorado Front Range.

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Elk Peaks Consulting Group, Ltd. was formed as a Colorado corporation in 2002.  We specialize in Association and Property management.  Unlike many other association and property management firms, we don’t sell real estate.  Instead, we focus all of our energy on providing services needed by Associations and Property Owners.  Although we are a small firm, because we are specialized in what we do, we are able to understand your organization and fulfill those needs timely and efficiently.  

Our goal isn’t to be “big.”  We just want to be the best at what we do.  By focusing on excellence, we are constantly searching for opportunities to learn more, do more, and to achieve more for our customers.  

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Finding the right Balance

We believe that “life is about balance: the challenge of finding the right balance.”  Our goal is to strike a sensible balance between providing needed and beneficial services to our clients while assuring that the cost of providing these services are affordable to our clients and all of our Association Members.

Whether we are working for a homeowners association or for a property owner, our task is to fully understand your needs and to establish effective strategies to meet these needs fairly, equitably and with as much transparency as possible.

We can provide the three key pieces that every HOA or property owner needs: Administrative, Financial and Physical management.  

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Elk Peaks Consulting Group, Ltd., 46 East Ridge, Ste. 100, Battlement Mesa, CO 81635, or at 23 Buck Street, P O Box 82, South Fork, CO 81154 | 970.285.7482 | KLammey@ElkPeaks.com |