Expert Witness – HOA Litigation

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Expert Witness – HOA Litigation

Even well managed HOAs can have differences of opinions with owners, contractors or others that lead to disputes or even litigation.  Unfortunately, some “threats to sue” can’t be settled out of court.  If your case goes to court, it may be helpful to bring in an outside third party as an  Expert Witness.  Not just any Expert Witness, but one that knows HOAs: what they must do, how it is supposed to be done and what they aren’t required to do.

If you need an Expert Witness that knows HOAs, we can help! 

Keith Lammey, the principal of Elk Peaks Consulting Group, Ltd. , is a licensed Community Association Manager (CAM).  In Colorado, Community Association Managers are licensed through the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Real Estate.  In order to become a Community Association Manager, individuals must meet stringent requirements including passing exams on State and Federal HOA law as well as meeting substantial HOA management experience requirements. 

In addition to being a licensed CAM, Keith Lammey has over a decade of HOA management experience which includes the management of single family home associations, townhome associations, condominium associations, patio home associations, rural HOAs and commercial property associations.  Keith has served on HOA boards as the president of a townhome association and, on a fourteen member board of directors of a master HOA, where he served five and one half years as president.  His HOA experience also includes serving as the covenant enforcement officer of a Master HOA with a population of 5,500  residents, building an HOA website and serving as the webmaster for a large HOA, as well as producing and distributing a monthly electronic newsletter.

Keith’s people and analytical skills have been further honed through several years of volunteer experience on Garfield County, Colorado’s ten member Planning Commission which must reach decisions that a) follow the County and State regulations and b) are unbiased decisions solely based upon the facts of the matter and, frequently, many hours of sworn public testimony about a complex set of regulations, competing interests and differing perspectives.  

Regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, our knowledge of HOAs may help you if your case ends up in the court system.