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img_1291dpAbout Us

Board of Directors

  • Carl Willes, President (Term Ends July 2019)
  • Marcia Vitrano, Vice President (Term Ends July 2017)
  • Janiece Horn, Secretary (Term Ends July 2018)
  • Janet Horn, Treasurer (Term Ends July 2019)
  • The Saddle Mountain Board of Directors consists of three board members who serve two year terms or until a successor is elected.  Since there are no term limits, board members may serve multiple terms.  Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Members and serve staggered terms.

Board of Director Meeting Dates, Place and Time

  • TBD, (Summer) 20176:30 PM, Pagosa Springs
  • TBD, (Fall) 2017, 6:30 PM, Pagosa Springs
  • TBD, (Winter) 2018,
    6:30 PM, Pagosa Springs
  • TBD, (Spring) 2018, 6:30 PM, Pagosa Springs

Board of Directors are scheduled to meet quarterly; however, if there is no urgent matters to be discussed or actions that need to be taken by the board, the quarterly meeting will be canceled.  Please check this website just prior to the meeting date to confirm whether or not the board meeting has been canceled.  Frequently the board meetings are held by telephone.  If you wish to join the meeting, by telephone, please contact the Association office for the call in number and password. 

Annual Meeting of the Members

July 2018
Date and Time TBD
Pagosa Springs, CO 81635

Association Management

Elk Peaks Consulting Group, Ltd.
46 East Ridge, Ste 100
Battlement Mesa, CO 81635
970.285.7482 (Office)
970.285.7498 (Fax)
866.990.5550 (Toll Free)

Common Assessments

Common assessment payments are due annually in the manner and on the dates as may be fixed by the Association.  Unless otherwise provided by resolution, the annual assessments are due in equal monthly installments on the first day of each calendar month.  Nevertheless, if owners choose to do so, the annual assessment can be paid in a single payment on the first day of each fiscal year.  A new budget is formulated annually, thus the annual assessment amount may change from year-to-year.

Assessments can be made by check payable to the Saddle Mountain Resident’s Club, Inc. and mailed to 46 East Ridge, Ste. 100, Battlement Mesa, CO 81635 or by Direct Debit (ACH) to your checking or savings account.  Payments are due on the first day of the “assessment payment month” and are delinquent if not paid within 10 days of their due dates.  A late charge in an amount set forth in the Association’s collection policy may be imposed without further notice or warning to the delinquent Owner.  Additionally, interest at the rate set forth in the Association’s collection policy, not to exceed the maximum amount permitted by Colorado law, may be imposed without further notice or warning to the delinquent Owner.

img_1186dpEach year, after the budget has been approved by the Association’s Board of Directors,twelve payment coupons are mailed to each member.  No other invoices or statements are sent.  Additional copies of the payment coupons are available online on this site from the Documents page under the Forms sections.

For information about how your assessment fees are used, go to the Annual Budget page on this site.

Where is Pogosa Springs and Saddle Mountain Resident’s Club?

Pagosa Springs, Colorado is a community located in South Central Colorado on Colorado’s Westernslope.  The area is know for its small town atmosphere and endless beauty and its distinct four seasons, each of which brings a myriad of wonderful activities to both resident’s and visitors.  Some of Colorado’s best hiking, biking, rafting, horseback riding, camping and fishing can be found in Pagosa Springs.  In addition, Pagosa Springs is just west of Wolf Creek Ski Area which is widely known for its “powder days” and “the most snow in Colorado.”  As if that isn’t enough, Pagosa Springs is named after the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring.  These sulfur springs were named Pah gosah by the Utes, meaning “healing waters” and, as the name suggests, these springs attract many visitors from around the US and the world.  Pagosa Springs, which is at just over 7,000 feet elevation, and surrounded by the 3 million area San Juan National Forest receive 300 days of sun shine in a typical year.

Saddle Mountain Resident’s Club is one mile north of Highway 160 on North Pagosa Blvd., close to the area’s lakes and some wonderful mountain views.