Contracts ~ Fairway Villas

Fairway Villas Contracts

The Fairway Villas Homeowners Association is responsible for many services that are provided within the association.  Since the Association does not have any employees, these services are provided by contractors.  All contracts are approved by the Fairway Villas Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors and managed by the Association Manager.  For more information regarding contracts, or to submit bids to provide services to the Association contact the Association Manager at 970.285.7482.

 {$$ means amount varies according to type and volume of work.  Pending means that the contract period has ended but no new contract has been negotiated}

Service Renewal Date Vendor Annual Cost More Information
Association Management 2018.03.31 Elk Peaks Consulting Group, Ltd $3,000 Financial, administrative, programs & budgets services excluding audits and reserve studies
 Tree Care 2017.03.31 Baker & Associates Landscape Management, LLC Included in Landscape Tree Care & Maintenance
Landscape Management 2017.04.01 Baker & Associates Landscape Management, LLC $11,200 Lawn care, weed control, horticultural care, tree & shrub care, chemical control, turf fertilization & sprinkler system operation and maintenance
Legal & Collection Services 2016.12.31 Garfield & Hecht, P.C. $$ Consultation & advice on legal matters & collections
Snow Removal; Streets 2016.11.01 JC Excavating $$ Snow plowing for streets; 3″ or more per storm
Snow Removal; Driveways & Sidewalks 2016.11.01 Baker & Associates Landscape Management, LLC $$ Snow removal from driveways & entryways, 3″ or more per storm
Trash Service Month to Month Dependable Waste Services $1,476 Weekly trash pickup in 96 gallon trash carts
Other 2017.03.31 Various contractors for assorted project work $$ By specific project